Beach Holiday

    Swim holiday in lovely Denmark

    Beach holiday in Denmark with sun, summer and sand!

    Do you plan to include sun, heat, sand and water in your holiday? Then choose one of our Danhostels, which are located close to the beach.

    Below you will find 25 Danhostels throughout the country, all of which are close to a beach.

    Denmark has many kilometers of coastline and is the ideal country for a beach holiday. A large section of the coastline has fine sand.

    Take a leap into the blue waves and stay at one of our Danhostels. Let the young ones collect mussel shells and build sandcastles while the others enjoy the sun and exciting water sports activities.

    Our guide applies to the entire country - from Bornholm in the east to Skagen in the north. So, wherever you decide to spend your beach holiday, there is a Danhostel close by.