THE JELLING MONUMENTS - UNESCO World Heritage in Denmark

    In 1994, the Jelling Monuments were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Why a UNESCO Choice?
    In 1994, the Jelling Monuments were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. They were included because they reflect the first official transition from paganism to Christianity not only in Denmark but throughout Scandinavia. The smaller runestone - more than 1000 years old - is the oldest. It is a tribute from King Gorm the Old, in memory of his wife Queen Thyrve (Thyra), whom he calls “Denmark’s adornment.” The stone is also the oldest preserved reference to "Denmark" and is known as the country’s birth certificate. The larger runestone by Harald Bluetooth (Blåtand), son of King Gorm and Thyra, is a tribute to his parents. Most importantly, it relates his achievements – that of unifying Denmark, and converting the Danes from paganism to Christianity.

    What to See and Experience at The Jelling Monuments
    In addition to viewing the monuments, visit the church and the barrows next to Kongens Jelling Experience Centre located by the monuments. The site is described as a unique and super modern digital sensation that recounts the lives and legacy of the Vikings. Check out the view from telescopes on the roof terrace.

    Many Reasons to Visit
    The area provides food for thought.  Kongens Jelling Experience Centre is free of charge. In 2013, the giant palisade, the ship-setting and the houses built during Harald's lifetime were highlighted on the landscape and are now visible from both the barrows on the site.

    Other Attractions Nearby
    Close to the Jelling Monument and Runic Stones you will find fantastic natural surroundings near Fårup lake. Combine your visit with a trip to Legoland or Givskud Zoo, both of which are close by. A trip to the town of Vejle is also recommended. Look out for the building called “The Wave.”

    Danhostel Nearby
    Danhostel Vejle, Danhostel Givskud Zoo and Danhostel Grindsted-Billund are great accommodation spots if you decide to spend the night and tour the Monument and the Stones.

    Secret Tips

    • Visit the spot in the evening when the lights illuminate the showrooms and see the monuments in their glory.
    • Book tours with English, Danish or German speaking guides.

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